Une session avec AsileuropeXIX sur l’expulsion des étrangers à l’European Social Science History Conference 2018 à Belfast

Ce vendredi 6 avril, AsileuropeXIX est à la Queen’s University de Belfast pour participer à une session sur l’expulsion des étrangers au XIXe siècle.


T-12 – ETH12 : How to Boot Out Undesired Immigrants? State Practices of Monitoring and Expelling Foreigners during the 19th Century
PFC/03/011 Sir Peter Froggatt Centre

Network: Ethnicity and Migration Chair: Fabrice Langrognet
Organizers: Delphine Diaz, Torsten Feys, Romy Sanchez Discussant: Fabrice Langrognet

Delphine Diaz : Expelling Foreign Refugees from 19th-century France
Torsten Feys : Kicking Out the Unwanted through the Door of their Choosing: Belgian Expulsion Practices during the Long 19th Century
Elie-Benjamin Loyer : Policing Migrants in France Before and After the Great War: Public Order and Migration Control
Romy Sanchez : Expelling Foreigners from Overseas: the Case of Cuba, 1840 – 1880
Hugo Vermeren : Discretionary Power, Exceptional Practices: Irregularities within the French Expulsion Procedures during the 19th-century

Consulter l’intégralité du programme : https://esshc.socialhistory.org/esshc-user/programme?day=61&time=188

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